Hope Gardeners


One Who Plants a Garden Plants Happiness


Experience God's love as we nurture His creation! A Hope Gardener works on their own schedule throughout the week on the garden or around the church property.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 897- 7143, Hope Gardener Coordinator, for more information.


The Gardner

Something lovely happens, a precious mystic thing
It comes about for chosen ones around the time of Spring
The ground becomes a venture, for those who love it best
Commence to spade and plant and seed
With care and fervored zest
No weed or rock will interfere, No sweat upon the brow
The earth shall be a masterpiece, a dream revealing how
And surely as each week turns days from one to seven
Buds and blooms burst forth
Like sunbeams sent from Heaven
Calloused hands and loving heart,
Oh, gardener with a gift
Your plants give you reverence
As in the soil you sift
Talented one, you found the truth
No secret to the sod
In every lovely garden