Kindergarten News





 Upcoming Events:

April 3-6- Book Fair

April 6- Family Night at Book Fair, 5:30-8pm

April 10-11 –Spring Pictures

April 14 -17- Easter Break

April 18- Field Trip to Popejoy

April 19- Kinder leads chapel @ 2:40

April 21- Paint Night 6:30-9pm

April 28- All school field trip to Tingley beach

April Literacy:


-diagraphs and consonant blends

-CVCe words

-CVCC words

Print Language Concepts/ Phonological Awareness:

-differentiate between capital letters/lower case letters

- identifying/locating punctuation marks

- differentiate between letters and words

- rhyme completeion

-rhyme production

-syllable blending

-syllable segmenting

-short vowel word family chunks (all, ill, etc.)

Sight words:

-all, about, together, know, two. some, has, high, would

April Math Topics:

-Addition Stories

-Counting On, Counting Back

-Subtraction Stories

April Science and Social Studies:

-Eggs, Butterflies, Frogs