Kindergarten News





 Upcoming Events:

August 16-18 -Dismissal at noon

August 23- Chapel @ 2:40

August 25- Back to School Picnic

August 30- Chapel @ 2:40, led by 2nd grade


August Literacy:


- letter names and sounds (Tt, Bb, Ff, Nn, Mm)


Print Language Concepts/ Phonological Awareness:

-concept of spoken word

- title, author, illustrator

- Where do I begin on a page

-which way do I go with print

- concept of front, back, top, and bottom

-rhyme recognition



-writing is just telling on paper

- tools of writing

-building stamina

-procedures of writing workshop

-choosing topics

-noticing details

-using resources

-focusing ideas


Reading/ Daily 5:

- how to handle a book

-how to turn pages

-looking closely at a book

-working with a reading partner

-different ways to read a book

-concepts about print


Sight words:

-I, like, my, is, to

August Math Topics:

-Identifying numbers 1-5

(couting to, recognizing, reading and writing)


August Science and Social Studies:

-school rules

- school environment

-being a good friend