After School Care

Welcome to After School Care at Cross of Hope Elementary School

Program Information

We are an academic program and offer a structured environment in which children can learn and grow into the people God has called them to be (NOT BABYSITTING!). We teach to the interests and needs of the children, so we have studied everything from dragons to cheese to world cultures. The goal of ASC is for children to grow closer to the Lord through discovering new things about the world He has created. In the After School Care program, we intend to raise confident, intelligent, loving and humble leaders in Christ.

The program runs every day we have school. Monday through Thursday we meet from 3:15-5:30 and on Fridays (and half days of school) we meet from 12:00-5:30.  The kids eat a snack they bring from home, and have recess right after school. Then we help them with their homework and do a teacher-led activity. On Fridays and half days of school, the children eat a lunch brought from home, get two recesses and two teacher-led activities. We have a rest time where a teacher will read out loud from a chapter book. We also prepare a snack together on Fridays.

Please remember to send a snack for ASC with your child on days they will be in attendance.