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What's Up With The Name?

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We chose a class name that fits us like a glove and will follow us throughout our time at Cross of Hope.  We are proud to be a part of this tradition.  We decided on a name carefully and through a democratic process.  We spent a lot of time discussing what we want our class to look like and what we stand for.  We considered who we are both as a class and as individuals.

        That is how we came up with our name.  There were strict criteria for the name.  It had to be positive and represent who we are.  It had to be original.  It should sound good.  It should be able to support a biblical theme and grow with us. Of course the majority of us had to like it.  (After a little time every one loved it!) This is how we came up with our name  The Radical Racoons
       We chose the word Radical  because we are unique and plan to change the world. We also worship a totally Radical and Amazing God! We want to be "Rad" too.  We learned about alliteration and wanted to use it in our name. (When authors use the same beginning sounds.)
         We chose the word Racoon because racoons are very clever and do things other animals can't do! (They are also very cute and a little mischevious just like us.) That is how we got our motto:  "You only truly fail when you stop trying". Racoons never give up.  We try to do the right thing to please God and not just to please others.  We feel strongly the name suits us and supports our class verse:

"For we walk by faith and not by sight."  2 Corinthians 5:7